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Blockchain, Verifiable Digital Credential, Insightful Data Report, and Personalized Learning are the best technology we can use to help measure and enhance talent skills.

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Digital Credentials

Meet our new definition for standard of measurable competency. No more unknown growth or undetected incompetency or failure.

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    Open Badged Standard

    International open standard badge - digital recognition for micro competency

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    Blockchain Sealed

    Increase portability and authenticity of credentials. Your data is immutable and secure.

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    Comprehensive Info

    Get details information about who releases the credentials, when the credentials expired, grade, the result of the assessment.

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    Revoke Credential

    It’s also very possible to revoke the credentials if you find it suspicious after it’s released.

Personalized Learning

AI that leverage a range of data to provide the right support to the right person at the right time - at the scale of global business

Personalized Course

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If you are an enterprise wishing to improve your employees for the future of your organization, contact us and we will help you to make it real.

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